FARFETCH follows a documented Procurement process that is continuously audited in order to ensure we provide the best service to both our internal customers and the vendors with whom we work with.

The below diagram represents the summarized process. 


FARFETCH’s supplier pool is gradually built through the guidance of carefully designed sourcing processes. The potential vendors should provide relevant information requested by FARFETCH and, whenever necessary sign an NDA. Afterwards, they will be asked to answer an informal or formal RFx, where the Procurement team will proceed with the relevant analysis before any commitment. After any sourcing event and prior to any award, there will be a price agreement/contract set up.


Purchase Order

A Purchase Order is an official and mandatory FARFETCH document that will be immediately sent by email to the corresponding supplier. Alternatively, suppliers can also consult all Purchase Orders through the Coupa Supplier Portal.



Every invoice should be submitted with the corresponding PO number. If this isn’t the case, payment of this invoice can be compromised.

There are two recommended ways of submitting an invoice:

  1. The supplier can send the invoice to the address mentioned in the PO received. If there are any doubts as to which address to pick, check FAQ #1 for all available email addresses. It is important that the supplier sends the invoice to the correct address, in order to ensure that the invoice is processed more efficiently.
  2. Also, suppliers can send/create invoices through Coupa Supplier Portal. This way, the invoice will be automatically associated with the corresponding PO, ensuring that the invoice processing can be faster. 

Regardless of the method chosen, all invoices should contain:

  • Invoice #
  • Invoice Date
  • PO number
  • Company details (name, address, VAT number)
  • Supplier details
  • Items (quantity/amount, price & description)
  • Total price
  • VAT
  • Total value
  • Invoice PDF Attachment



FARFETCH’s Procurement System follows a 3 way match logic where payment will only be processed if for that invoice there is a PO and a reception associated.

Once these requirements have been met and the invoice has been approved, payment is expected to be processed in the agreed period term. In case your payment is delayed, please check the invoice status in CSP, or contact the AP team for payment details (FAQ #2).


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