What does FARFETCH look for in a supplier?

A supplier is expected to share FARFETCH’s values that stress on integrity, interest for the Fashion/Tech world and value for money. For that, and apart from the requisites for onboarding, we expect that vendors are incentivized to participate in initiatives such as EcoVadis and the Inclusive & Sustainability Program.



FARFETCH is on a mission to become the global platform for good in luxury fashion, empowering everyone we work with to think, act and choose positively. Together with all our partners and suppliers, we’re revolutionising the fashion industry for the future – in a way that benefits our customers, our people and our planet.

A critical step in our sustainability agenda is to gain transparency on our trading partners and their suppliers’ sustainability performance.

FARFETCH has chosen EcoVadis, a global sustainability rating company based on international standards, to conduct individual sustainability performance assessments of our supply chain partners. EcoVadis combines sustainability expertise and online tools that will save you time and resources on sustainability assessment and reporting in the years to come with:

  • Confidential and efficient sustainability questionnaire and expert analysis;
  • A sustainability Scorecard (which you can also share with other clients);
  • Tools for benchmarking and improving your sustainability practices.

It would be much appreciated if you would join this strategic initiative for a more sustainable future. If you already have an EcoVadis rating, please share it with us.


Inclusive & Sustainability Procurement Program  

At FARFETCH we welcome differences, and we empower individuality, bringing together an incredible creative community of FARFETCHERS along with the creators, curators, and consumers of fashion we serve.   

We are committed to inclusive and sustainable procurement practices both within and outside our community. We believe these practices make the supply chain more resilient and agile.

Our Inclusion & Sustainability Program is for diversifying the FARFETCH supply chain by choosing to do business with diverse, innovative and environmentally responsible suppliers in order to gain access to innovative, responsive and cost-competitive solutions.

We expect to engage our suppliers to provide updates around their environmental and inclusive initiatives and goals, and we encourage our teams to discuss inclusive & sustainable practices during their regular supplier meetings, as well as to create more sourcing opportunities for the best in class suppliers. 


Requisites for onboarding

FARFETCH suppliers must share with their FARFETCH Contact:

  • An email
  • An official bank proof from their bank
  • The Vendor Creation Template where key information is asked in order to set up the profile. This will be later provided by a member of the Procurement team.

And must be aware of:


Failing to comply with the above may preclude any business with such supplier.

For non-Portuguese suppliers who supply to FARFETCH Portugal, please consult the following additional requirements (FAQ #15).

We might ask that other requirements are met depending on the nature of the supplied item/service.


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