Speak Up Policy

Our Speak Up culture at Farfetch empowers all Farfetchers to speak up about wrongdoing

We’re proud to have a thriving international presence, operating in multiple regions and jurisdictions in full compliance with global legislation. At Farfetch, we are dedicated to our BE HUMAN value and making sure that all Farfetchers feel welcomed, safe, and respected at work, including work-related events during or outside work hours, in alignment with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics policy and Farfetch values. To have a successful speak-up culture, we must collectively create a space for psychological safety where employees feel safe to ask for help, admit a mistake, or raise concerns about wrongdoing.

This Policy is intended to provide an overview and guidance on the lifecycle of concerns raised and what to expect when you speak up. This Policy serves as a set of rules and guiding principles to help you when you are considering raising a concern. Read the full Speak Up Policy