Positively FARFETCH, the platform for good in luxury fashion

We believe it starts with a choice. To continue with the status quo – or choose to find a better way, to make fashion more sustainable.

We are the global platform for the luxury industry. As such, we are inherently an enabler of others, and an enabler of change. That’s why we called our sustainable business strategy Positively FARFETCH - because we want to be, not just any platform, but the platform for good in luxury - a platform that enables and empowers everyone we work with - the whole fashion community - to think, act and choose positively.

Together with our brand and boutique partners, we want to revolutionise and reinvent the fashion industry for the future. And we strongly believe that the future for the fashion industry is positively cleaner, conscious, circular, and inclusive.

You can see how we are bringing the Positively FARFETCH vision to life for our consumers, or find out more about what we are doing through the links below.

Discover our Conscious Luxury 21 report – How consumers are shopping more responsibly.

Discover our Conscious Luxury 22 report – The evolution of sustainability within luxury fashion


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