Positively Conscious

Empowering our community to choose positively

As we understand more about our impact on people, the planet and animals, our ability to change it improves too. Our platform for good is helping people make positively conscious choices.

By applying rigorous, independently-assessed criteria to what our customers are buying, we’re able to be transparent about the impact of brands and products on the environment, society and animal welfare.

Sometimes choosing positively is about being in the know – like understanding which products are made with sustainable materials, or which producers care for their community.  At others, it’s about streamlining processes and connecting people to innovations in technology and clothing that make conscious choices easy – all without sacrificing any style, performance or comfort.

We have set ourselves the goal to sell 100% Conscious product by 2030. You can read more about our 2030 goals here, how we define ‘Conscious’ products here, and a detailed list of Conscious materials, processes and certifications here


Good sense of style 

When we developed our Conscious Criteria, we decided to leverage the expertise of key industry stakeholders. Among others, we’ve teamed up with Good On You so you can discover the most conscious fashion brands from around the world and see how your favourites measure up. You can shop our Conscious Edits for Men, Women and Kids, and see our Conscious Criteria page for details of how we select the brands and products we feature.


Your actions make a difference

We want to give our community the opportunity to make truly conscious choices when buying luxury fashion. This is why we decided to empower you with a Fashion Footprint Tool: a calculator that helps assess the environmental impact of the most common materials in fashion, so that you can choose more positive fabrics when buying new clothes. It also outlines the environmental savings of shopping pre-owned pieces to help you understand the value of extending the life of clothes and to build a more sustainable wardrobe. 


Our Ethical Commitments

It goes without saying that modern slavery, in all its forms, goes against everything we stand for. We’ve outlined our zero tolerance approach to this issue here, which is reiterated in our Vendor Code of Conduct. And, to address the changing needs of our customers, we also have an ethical sourcing policy that includes our commitment that no products made from fur or endangered species will be sold on our website from 2020 onwards.

Discover our Conscious Luxury 21 report – How consumers are shopping more responsibly.

Discover our Conscious Luxury 22 report – The evolution of sustainability within luxury fashion.


Material Sourcing Guide

We have created a Material Sourcing Guide for The New Guards Group to better inform their Conscious material sourcing. You can find the guide here.

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