Positively Circular

Designing waste out of fashion

Acting more positively with clothes that are worn out or no longer needed is critical to ensuring a sustainable future for fashion. It’s time to rethink our approach to the clothes we wear and what happens to them when we no longer need or want to use them. 

We are bringing pre-owned, re-sale, donations and other circular services into the mainstream in luxury fashion – we’re inspiring people to think positively about the value of old clothes. It’s about extending their life cycle and ensuring that things that can be reused don’t end up in landfill. 

By 2030 we have set ourselves the goal of becoming more circular than linear - of selling more circular, low-waste items, or uses of circular services, than sales of products made in traditional, linear ways. You can see some examples of what we are already doing below, or read more about our 2030 goals here.



FARFETCH Refresh enables you to clear out the clothes you no longer wear, make space for the wardrobe you've always wanted, and earn FARFETCH credit in an easy, hassle-free way. This service is currently only available in the UK and US.


FARFETCH Second Life 

Sell your designer bags, get some credit, and help give your pre-loved pieces a second lease of life with FARFETCH Second Life, our handbag resale service. Now available to customers in the USA, UK, and Europe. 


FARFETCH Pre-owned

We’re the only global, online, multibrand marketplace that has an extensive Pre-owned collection alongside our new collection, and have done since 2010. Buying pre-owned enables our customers to buy unique items whilst also extending the life of existing products which has a positive environmental impact - win win! You can see the environmental benefits of shopping pre-owned by using our Fashion Footprint Tool


It's in our DNA 

FARFETCH was built on the premise of selling existing stock in small boutiques around the world – to better match supply and demand and so reduce waste. This continues to be our model today.  

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