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Farfetch celebrates its global community of fashion lovers and the bright, optimistic mood of Spring/Summer '18 with new short film.

London, 4 April 2018 - Farfetch celebrates its community and the love of fashion in the new short film “Welcome to The Neighbourhood”. Shot in Miami by Creative Director Jonny Lu and Photographer/Director Oliver Hadlee Pearch, the film echoes the bright, optimistic mood of Spring/Summer '18.

Yasmin Sewell, VP Style & Creative at Farfetch said "We wanted this campaign to get to the core of what Farfetch is about, what we do. At our heart is a community of fashion lovers; José Neves created Farfetch to inspire people, empower individuality and allow lovers of fashion anywhere to access the best fashion from around the globe, from the world’s biggest selection of boutiques, designers and brands. I knew Jonny and Oliver were the right people to capture that expression of individuality and illustrate a mood that feels so right for now—not an homogenous idea of beauty, but a colourful, imperfect, joyous, raw celebration of the love of fashion.”

The film champions inclusivity and the expression of individuality from our global community of fashion lovers, bringing together a mix of street cast talent and models Jessica Miller, Tyler Blue Golden, David Yang and Jessi Li.

Farfetch customers love being able to shop the world and discover pieces that they can’t find anywhere else. The film focuses on key items for the season, from classic styles to one of a kind pieces from brands such as Balenciaga, Blood Brother, Marni, Gucci and Sergio Rossi to name a few. These and an unrivalled range of new season pieces are all available to shop now on Farfetch. 

Watch the Spring/Summer '18 short film here

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