Farfetch and Gucci Present 'Open House'


  • A first-of-its kind content collaboration through ‘Farfetch Communities’ will allow Farfetch customers and lovers of Gucci to discover the house’s collections through the eyes of people and places across the global Farfetch Community
  • Over the next eight months, exclusive community content on Farfetch will invite Farfetch customers into the cities and homes of influencers from eight locations around the world

LONDON 31st May 2019: Farfetch Limited (NYSE: FTCH), the leading global technology platform for the luxury fashion industry, and Gucci, today announced ‘Farfetch and Gucci Open House’, an eight-month storytelling content collaboration featuring across Farfetch as part of its recently launched ‘Communities’ initiative

Open House will see people from Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Chicago, Toronto, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and London welcome lovers of Gucci into their homes to share their fashion and creative inspirations. The project sees Farfetch and Gucci go into the homes of its Community to explore how the city and culture around them influences their personal styles looking at each person’s fashion choices in the context of their home and city environments, allowing lovers of Gucci to discover new season pieces from the brand in an entirely new way.

This is the first time that Farfetch and Gucci have worked together on a longer-term content collaboration for Farfetch Communities, building on the two brands’ ongoing partnership and shared values of individuality, inclusivity and community.

Gucci has been a direct brand partner to Farfetch since 2017 and since then, the two companies have worked on innovative projects including F90 (90-minute delivery in major cities around the world) and more recently, a global stock point initiative which enables reduced shipping distances from Gucci to Farfetch customers, helping both companies’ sustainability efforts.

Giorgio Belloli, Chief Commercial and Sustainability Officer, Farfetch said: “We are thrilled to continue our successful long-standing partnership with Gucci with such a unique collaboration. Farfetch customers from all corners of the world love Gucci and wear its products in so many different and individual ways. Being able to take them on a journey into the homes and cities of our shared Community over the next eight months is inspiring and exciting.”

Chef and model Coralie Jouhier, from Paris, and actor and musician, Lukas Ionesco, whose home is in  Longpont, will be the first in the series to open the doors to their homes, with art director and owner of GUFRAM, Charley Vezza and editor and stylist, Francesca Cefis following in the next instalment from Milan. North American, Asian and South American cities and personalities will follow over the course of the collaboration.

Coralie Jouhier, Chef and Model, said: “I loved being part of the Farfetch and Gucci Open House project. I get my fashion inspiration from everywhere and I love to discover people’s worlds and where their inspirations come from so being able to share my world and my vision was really cool.”

Lukas Ionesco, Actor and Musician, said: “I really enjoyed sharing my family house for the Open House project. This house is where my family and I get all our inspirations for our work. I grew up with a mom possessed by clothes, especially vintage luxe clothes and I know she has given me my natural passion for clothes and the confidence to dress in your own way every day. We don’t let many people enter this house! I love Gucci and can wear it every day so being able to share my style in my own environment felt really natural.” 

Charley Vezza, Global Creative Director of Gufram, said: “I feel honoured to be a part of the ‘Farfetch and Gucci Open House’ project. To me, style is self-expression in every way; from what we wear to how we live, how we decorate our homes. A glimpse into my house allows people to understand who I am as an individual more than with an interview.”

Francesca Cefis, Editor and Stylist, said: “The ‘Open House’ project has allowed me to play with my style and showcase my personality; it is also an opportunity to show the world the diversity Milan has to offer and the people that exist here.”


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