Farfetch and Byronesque announce re-issue of exclusive Vexed Generation capsule

London, 8 January 2019Farfetch Limited (NYSE: FTCH), the leading global technology platform for the luxury fashion industry, has joined forces with Byronesque, the authority in contemporary-vintage fashion, for an exciting addition to the platform’s current fashion offering. The collaboration will see the re-issue of a collection from Vexed Generation, which will launch exclusively on Farfetch globally.

The Vexed Generation is described by the design duo behind the label – Adam Thorpe and Joe Hunter -  as a term that was originally used to characterise a generation of people dissatisfied with the negative changes in London in the ‘90s. These changes were due to political intervention and the Vexed Generation were those ready to take action, start a dialogue and find creative solutions. Through their designs Vexed Generation were part of a significant moment in fashion history in the ‘90s - ’00s and became known for activism through fashion.

Byronesque has worked closely with Vexed Generation to create this capsule collection of pieces that are replicas of the originals. The collection has been re-issued as a way to communicate social and environmental concerns that the brand have been discussing through their work, since 1994. The collection draws inspiration from the first pieces that Thorpe and Hunter originally designed based on distrust of the state. These garments were a way for the designers to voice their concerns, provoke debate and provide utility to address their effects. Utility in their designs can be seen for instance in the following; the Ninja Hood that both masks the wearer’s identity from unregulated CCTV cameras and can be fitted with a filter to clean urban air and the Vexed Parka that parodies police riot gear.

This collection gives Farfetch customers, Vexed Generation collectors and future fans access to a unique collection that still feels modern today.

Giorgio Belloli, Chief Commercial & Sustainability Officer at Farfetch said, “We are thrilled to launch this collection in collaboration with Byronesque. They have worked closely with Vexed Generation to ensure that this capsule remains true to the original designs, resulting in a collection that we are sure will resonate with our global customers.”

Gill Linton, CEO/Editor-in-Chief at Byronesque said, “Farfetch is unique in that they provide an influential global platform for Vexed Generation to share their social commentary and reignite today’s vexed generation at a time when it matters most. While at the same time, supporting independent thought and creativity.”