Farfetch Launches Innovative Project In Partnership With Portuguese Universities


  • FARFETCH Chat R&D aims to develop a new generation of conversational agents online
  • Project of 2.3 million euros in partnership with Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Instituto Superior Técnico 
  • FARFETCH Chat R&D is part of the Carnegie Mellon University Portugal program

Porto, May 28, 2020 - Farfetch, the leading global platform for the luxury fashion industry, is launching a project to create a new generation of online chat agents worth 2.3 million euros. The launch of FARFETCH Chat R&D is co-financed by the Portuguese Government, through Portugal 2020. 

This innovative project aims to develop a new generation of conversation agents that interact with consumers with a multimodal interface. Through conversation, FARFETCH Chat R&D seeks to provide an experience similar to that of a physical store.

Luís Carvalho, VP Architecture at Farfetch, says: “There’s still a lot to explore in the area of ​​multimodal chatbots and I believe that this is a project with enormous potential. FARFETCH Chat R&D can bring significant innovations to online shopping very soon, allowing users to access information in a more natural way, and helping them to make better purchasing decisions”.

iFetch aims to revolutionize e-commerce in the luxury fashion industry, leveraged by scientific advances in terms of multimodal conversational Artificial Intelligence agents. The project has the participation of partners such as Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Instituto Superior Técnico and is part of the CMU Portugal program, of Carnegie Mellon University, which aims to put the country at the forefront of innovation in the area of ​​Information and Technological Communication.

Luís Carvalho, VP Architecture at Farfetch, states: “We have a multidisciplinary team with enormous skills and elements from renowned universities. Farfetch has already shown in other projects that it highly values ​​this connection to the community, and I think it will do it again now in a project with the potential to revolutionize the online shopping experience of millions of consumers. On the other hand, we are proud to be chosen as the partner to leverage knowledge and talent in this area”.

FARFETCH Chat R&D has an expected completion time of 3 years.