FARFETCH collaborates with 12on12 to celebrate 50 Years of Hip Hop for FARFETCH


  • Exclusive collaboration celebrates the intersection of fashion, art and Hip-Hop
  • FARFETCH Beat is the platform's retail concept series that introduces exclusive product experiences to members of its loyalty program
  • 12 hand-finished Art prints co-signed by Futura and Nas retailing for $12,000 USD
  • 20 hand-finished Vinyls co-signed by Futura and Nas retailing for $1,200 USD 
  • 500 Vinyls retailing for $250 USD 
  • Available exclusively online at FARFETCH.com and in-store at Stadium Goods

LONDON UK, Wednesday 23 August - FARFETCH Limited (NYSE: FTCH), the global destination for modern luxury today launches FARFETCH Beat 010 - a limited edition three part vinyl drop in collaboration with lifestyle brand 12on12, rap icon Nas and contemporary artist Futura to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop.  

The unique partnership celebrates the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop and the genre's rich history and global impact - combining the realms of art, music and cultural expression. FARFETCH Beat 010 honours the significance of Mcing, Graffiti Art and Turntablism through the highly coveted medium of vinyl records that played such a pivotal role in the early days of the movement. The partnership is brought to life through an original piece of art, a set of three separate vinyl drops, including a limited set of 12 art prints hand-finished by Futura and co-signed by Nas, as well as a limited edition of 20 vinyl records, co-signed by both artists. 

At the forefront of this collaboration are two legends and long term pillars of the community; Nas, a legendary figure in rap, and Futura, an artist whose practice first developed within the genre of graffiti in New York City during the 1970’s and known for his contributions alongside iconic artists such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Kenny Scharf.

For Beat 010, Nas has curated an exclusive 12on12 vinyl collection featuring the 12 most influential Hip Hop tracks of the past five decades. These tracks not only influenced Nas but also shaped the trajectory of the genre itself. Futura, whose influence is interwoven into the fabric of Hip Hop, provides artistic direction for this Beat 010 that exudes authenticity and relevance. 

Futura, Artist, said: 

“In celebration of the now 50th year of ‘HIP HOP’ I am excited to participate with Nas in the release of this “12 on 12”; a compilation of selected tracks from the history of this movement. The cover artwork, and handstyles, are a nod to my past and a reflection of the future.” 

To showcase this exceptional collaboration, FARFETCH  Beat 010 will release three separate vinyl drops over a span of six months. The final release will culminate in an original triptych design titled "FUTURE LOOK FOR FLASH," seamlessly blending all the vinyl covers into one iconic piece of art. Each vinyl drop will be accompanied by the artist's edition pieces, including a limited set of 12 prints hand-finished by Futura and co-signed by Nas. Furthermore, Futura's distinctive style will be present in the hand-finished jacket sleeves of a limited edition of 20 vinyl records, co-signed by both artists.

Nick Tran, Chief Marketing Officer, FARFETCH said: 

“Uniting the creative forces of Nas and Futura provided a rare opportunity to elevate the art of collector culture. We are thrilled to be working with them to make the collectable pieces available on FARFETCH, celebrate self expression, and inherently entwine music, art and fashion through this BEAT.”

FARFETCH Beat 010's collaboration with 12on12, Nas, and Futura commemorates a momentous occasion in the history of Hip Hop - its 50 year anniversary. We hope that this project serves as a testament to the genre's lasting impact and the creative minds that have shaped it over the last five decades.

Claudia Moross, Founder and Creative Director, 12on12, said: 

“Sitting at the Intersection of Music and Art, 12on12 are excited to mark the momentous occasion of 50 Years of Hip Hop through this collaboration between two of legends of the Hip Hop Movement, Nas and Futura. It has been an incredible experience for me working with FARFETCH to bring this collaboration to life with FARFETCH Beat 010.”

Beat 010 will be available exclusively online at FARFETCH.com and in-store at Stadium Goods from today.

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About 12on12 

12on12 is a lifestyle brand living at the intersection of Music and Art. Drawing on decades of experience in product ideation and creative execution, 12on12 provides a distinctive and unique canvas for storytelling through the powerful analogue medium of vinyl records. 12on12 invites cultural icons to curate a soundtrack of 12 songs that have inspired, affected and influenced them; this is preserved on a pressed 12” vinyl. Through collaborations with visual artists and curators, the vinyl sleeve transforms into a piece of art that memorialises a shared sentiment between the artists that is then collected and treasured along with the music. 12on12 has also expanded into releasing a selection of editioned fine art prints and lifestyle pieces featuring the Artwork from the vinyl. Grammy Award-winning artist and avid art collector Swizz Beatz has a strategic stake in 12on12. Successful past collaborations include RUN DMC, Swizz Beatz, Dita Von Teese, Travis Scott x Saint Laurent, ComplexCon featuring artwork by Takashi Murakami and Steve Aoki x Richard Orlinski.