Our 2030 Goals

Our vision for a cleaner, conscious, circular and inclusive fashion industry.

We have a clear strategy for becoming Positively Farfetch, the platform for good in luxury fashion. Our 2030 goals set-out the scale of our ambition. We want them to inspire us, and our community of creators, curators, and customers, to make bold changes in thinking, acting and choosing positively. 

They are quantitative against each key pillar of our strategy, and we will report on our progress against these each year.

Our 2030 Positively FARFETCH goals are:


POSITIVELY CLEANER: To be ‘Climate Positive’. 

Achieving Net Zero emissions by reducing our footprint in line with Science Based Targets, offsetting unavoidable emissions, and supporting our wider value chain (outside of our footprint boundary) to achieve additional carbon reductions.


POSITIVELY CONSCIOUS: To sell 100% ‘Conscious’ products.  

Driving all revenues from products that are independently recognised or certified as being better for people, the planet or animals, and from services that enable positive change.


POSITIVELY CIRCULAR: To be more ‘Circular’ than ‘Linear’. 

Selling more circular, low-waste products or uses of circular services, than sales of products made in traditional, linear ways.


POSITIVELY INCLUSIVE: To be a leader in ‘Conscious Inclusion’.

Championing diversity and inclusion both in our workplace and the global fashion community.


The goals deliberately overlap and are mutually reinforcing. They are all underpinned by our service, technology and data platforms that enable more efficient operations for us and our partners, and empower positive choices from all our community.

You can see a full explanation of why we set the goals as we did, how we will measure them, and what our baseline is here.

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